and project management

Specifications development and adaptation

We take care of corporate standards and documentation development. Detailed specifications provide a single standard of signage design, along with qualities and quality for network customers around the world. Optimal dimensions, high-quality and modern technology and material selection will minimize operating costs. We conduct specifications adaptation and metric scale conversion, where needed. Materials selection in a specific market of your choice is also available.

Project management, consultation and supervision

We will fully oversee project management considerations, coordination with architects and builders, ensuring the procurement tender, quality control at all stages, ensuring that complete documentation for the supplied products is received in accordance with customer and legal requirements, and supervision of installation work.

What are the consequences if specifications are not met?

  • frequent repairs due to poor quality increase maintenance costs;
  • brand image damage caused by a non-working sign leads to non-compliance fines billed by the brand head office;
  • cheap and untidy sign appearance harms the overall brand awareness;
  • toxic materials and unreliable structures put health of employees and customers in danger, as the sign might fall any time.
Why Choose Us?
Responsible management
Professional designers and experienced engineers
In-house manufacturing
Certified materials
Safe installation
Brand compliance
Worldwide experience
Experience working for international brands
Delivery on time
Turn-key solutions