Project design

On-site survey

We begin with a site inspection checking for suitable points of placement and the correct size of each sign, taking into account the optimal placement for all types of clients. We analyze the possibility and methods of fastening, as well as points of connection to the power supply and select the methods for the production of installation work.

Design project development

We develop a sign design project in compliance with the site survey, corporate standards, architectural objectives and the requirements of the municipality. We provide assistance with multilingual texts on all navigation elements. Creative logo design and special elements will be developed, if required. 2D drawings, 3D renderings and night renders also available.

Projects coordination

Projects are coordinated with property owners and brand owners. All projects are fully coordinated with the requirements of city authorities, including the light pollution requirements. Production projects design and approval provided. Fastening projects and load-bearing structures are aligned with architects, building designers and construction companies supervision.

Structural design and statics

Signage technical project development. Load-bearing structures, attachment points and foundations engineering in accordance to the required regulations. Wind and weight load calculation. Licensed constructors. Electricity connection project.

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