From our expertise we recognize the following sets of typical signage required for a real-estate development project:

1. Outdoor signage – facade
– top level/roof brand signs: main image signs to overlook the whole property;
– low level brand signs: entrances, etc.;
– tenant and special service permanent signs: located at appropriate places with unified design guidelines;
– temporary brand and tenant advertising options: banners, changeable billboards, windows decals, digital screens;
– technical signs for parking, deliveries and other practical information on the building facades;
– entrance door decorations and information package

2. Outdoor signage – freestanding
– main brand totem;
– tenant logo totem (if not included into the main totem);
– flags;
– temporary brand and tenant advertising options: banners, changeable billboards, digital screens;
– wayfinding signs for parking (including marking concept), entrances and other practical information, disclaimers;

3. Indoor signage – brand signs in the interior;
– tenant and special services signs with unified design principle guidelines;
– informational and wayfinding system in the premises and in the parking;
– definite room signs (room numbers or names) for front and back offices;
– technical and disclaimer signs (fire evacuation plans, information desk, elevators);
– temporary brand and tenant advertising options: banners, changeable billboards, digital screens;

  In order to achieve the quality end result the actions shall be split into 2 main packages being provided to our customers:

  A. Project document package

  Given sign is a technical item we recognize the key importance of professional, detailed and transparent signage documentation. Proper document package will result in the following achievements:
  – correct technologies and materials chosen result in lower maintenance costs and improved brand performance;
  – complete document package allows to handle professional tendering procedures resulting in apples-to-apples comparison with no quality compromises, avoiding possible cheating on the customer;
  – full manufacturing document package allows to ensure maintenance for many years ahead with no costs on repeated sign surveys.

In order to achieve this we provide the following services:
– professional site survey in order to define efficient sign locations;
– application design project compliant to corporate design guidelines;
– correct local wording for multi-language projects;
– creative design to deliver bespoke elements or logotypes;
– detailed technical projects for the signage to be used for tendering and manufacturing;
– technical project for supporting structures and foundations developed by a licensed construction designers including statics, wind and weight load calculations according to EuroCode;
– electrical projects to define power consumption and connection points;
– city application or city application supporting materials;
– target warranty definitions, maintenance plans;
– main contractor and other involved parties coordination to ensure timely and correct erecting of supporting brackets and electrical cabling;
– signage consulting to ensure professional tendering;
– supervision for contracted vendors to follow corporate guidelines in order to achieve quality compliant signage with minimal maintenance costs

  We have developed and supervised many projects according to the above described scheme all around the world. Important to note that the above described package will serve the customer as an information source for all upcoming maintenance and sign upgrade purposes

  As a separate project service we provide development of complete corporate signage guidelines, which include research and development of bespoke signage solutions to ensure unique brand features, supported with proper technical specifications.
  During these exercise we provide the customer with real-life signage samples to present the actual visual effects achieved – crucial, but sometimes overlooked component of the brand design guidelines.
We are proud to say we developed many signage guidelines for world-wide known brands.

  B. Manufacturing, installation and maintenance package

  Once the technical documentation is completed the manufacturing, delivery and installation quotes are provided and approved leading to next steps:

– Manufacturing of the signage;
– Delivery of the signage;
– Installation of the signage on site including risk assessment and method statement approvals;
– Warranty, post- warranty service and maintenance.

  Having a full portfolio of internationally recognized brand signage we are confident in both the quality of our services and the quality of our products.

  Our goal is to make sure the customer has clear and complete information for what will be delivered at the declared price with no hidden costs or missed items.